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Dubai is always popularly known as the “City of Merchants.” It was during the early fifties and sixties, Dubai became a busy trading point for the gulfs. The Dubai cruise terminal is located at Port Rashid. It is considered one of the most luxurious ports to dock at. Nearly five lakh people dock in this grand port Rashid. It is also called as Mina Rashid. A human made commercial port in the United Arab Emirates. It is named after Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum. The port was open for services in nineteen seventy-two The port is located in the city center. The excellent infrastructure of the ports and Dubai’s thriving business community made Port Rashid an instant success. It was in nineteen seventy-six that the then sheik Rashid decided to move forward with the ambitious project of constructing the world’s most giant man-made port. In the beginning, the port had just two cranes, and it slowly expanded to nine cranes with a large capacity of fifteen lakhs TEU’s. Port Rashid is the proud current location of the former Cunard Ocean Liner or Queen Elizabeth two. The famous ship will stay moored until a decision of her future is taken. The ports cruise ship schedules boast vessels with voyages visiting Muscat, Bahrain, Abudhabi, Fujairah, Far East and India. Dubai has the only cruise ship terminal operated by the United Arab Emirates government. This ideally means extra attention to passengers is provided. It also offers enhanced travel experiences including certified expert tour guides with swift entry system. Port Rashid is supported by excellent transport such metro rail, air and road infrastructures.

Let’s have a quick look about this grand Port Rashid facts:

It has the capacity to serve 6 cruise and manage around twenty-five thousand passengers at a time. The Port Rashid has thirty-five berths.

The latest terminal was opened on two thousand and fourteen is around twenty-seven thousand square meters in area. It is also considered the largest cruise with  most modern facilities. This particular terminal boasts of green credentials as it is built with materials that are recycled. The recycled materials are used even in steel structures, bricks interlocking, and interior finishing wood pellets used for shipping. The features are a shade with  green wall, daylight illumination, LED, supplies for irrigation and landscaping. This particular terminal has the capacity of about fourteen thousand passengers. The other two terminals have the ability to receive eighteen thousand passengers on one thousand nine hundred quays. The port, on the whole, has a present capacity of receiving around seven cruise ships simultaneously. Nearly seventy five percent of the structure of the building, the terminals was reused for warehouse that are demolished. This terminal strives to offers world class customs plus handling and efficient services cum facilities.

Port Rashid was awarded as a leading cruise as well as port of the world travels for seven times continuously. It has seven lakh square meters of car park which can accommodate thirty six buses and one hundred and fifty taxis exclusive of private car park facilities and employee/visitor vehicle parking facilities.

The cruise terminals also include bicycle and electric car parking along with charging facilities.

The Dubai Port world has a vision twenty twenty by which at least one hundred and fifteen luxury cruise ships operated by twenty-two cruise lines to berth at Mina Rashid’s cruise terminal during the season and around one million passenger turnout.

The port carried out nearly six lakh seven thousand transactions in the first nine months of two thousand and seventeen.

It was in two thousand seventeen; the Dubai cruise confirmed the hub status. A total of four cruise ships were received on a single day. It consisted of twenty-one thousand four hundred and eleven tourists and three thousand eight hundred and forty-nine crew were on board the ships. The four ships are Aida Stilla, Main Chef 5, MSC Splendida and CoastaMediterrania. This was the first time in history when the majestic four ships arrived in a port simultaneously. The multiple arrivals only time and again proves the capability of the port to meet the growing demand in the cruise tourism sector and to make soon the vision twenty twenty come true.

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