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Port Mina Rashid and Dubai Tourism

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The Rise of Port Mina Rashid

Cruise tourism in Dubai has reached unprecedented heights in the past few years. The quality of cruise ships, along with the overall traffic, has kept on increasing beyond all expectations. The evaluation of ports always depends on the number of new cruise ships that start docking there. Port Mina Rashid has shown its capability and its new standards for the whole world. The status of Dubai in this regard has witnessed a phenomenal rise in recent months.

The modern renovations that have been carried out at Port Mina Rashid have allowed a more significant number of cruise ships to drop sails there. Dubai has become one of the most highly sought-after global tourism destinations. Port Mina Rashid is the nearest port with all the latest facilities. So, the current rise in traffic is not unexpected. It was bound to happen.

The hard work and consistent planning by the Department of Tourism have started bearing fruits. Private corporations and the government body have reasonable targets before themselves. Their coordinated steps have ensured that the milestones are achieved in a timely fashion.

Reputed Cruise Ships Arrive at Port Rashid


Image Showing A Grand Cruise Ship Arrived In Cruise

The achievements of Dubai as a cruise destination would have remained undocumented and perhaps unnoticed if the famous cruise ships avoided it. Luckily, this has not been the case. World-famous cruisers such as Phoenix Reisen and Holland America have become the latest additions to the glory of Port Mina Rashid. So, all experts will conclude that their contribution to the overall scheme of things has been immense.

The tourism industry shares a mutually beneficial relationship with the administrators of Port Mina Rashid. These industries will benefit each other in the times to follow. Experts believe that more than 20 million tourists will start using cruise ships from Dubai annually.

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