Port Rashid is gradually becoming one of the busiest ports in the UAE. Its location along with the facilities available here have made it the ideal place for numerous ships to dock. If you want to get all the relevant information about Port Rashid, then this is the ideal place to search. The posts, articles, and blogs at portrashid.net will ensure that there is nothing left for you to know about Port Rashid. Unlike other famous ports worldwide, Port Rashid started its services quite late.

Port Rashid came into existence in 1972, but its growth has been nothing short of phenomenal. Some of you might be surprised to find out that the world-renowned ship Cunard Ocean has been docked at Port Rashid. It will remain at Port Rashid until a substantial decision is taken. It is a truly proud moment for Port Rashid.

If you visit Port Rashid, you can entertain yourself with the numerous tourist activities it offers. The distance between Dubai and Port Rashid is not much. So, when you have spent a few days at Port Rashid, you have the option of going to Dubai for the next part of your vacation. Going on cruises from Port Rashid can also be an excellent idea for many people. The luxury cruise services of Port Rashid are top-notch in every way.

One of the fundamental aims of this website is to provide tourists with all the relevant information about the culture and heritage of Port Rashid. If you have never visited Port Rashid before, then you are in for a treat whenever you arrive. People who love entertainment and cultural diversity will enjoy their stay at this fabulous destination. After all, cities with ports have always been centers of cultural exchange between various nations. Port Rashid is one of the most excellent examples of such cities.