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Going on A Cruise from Dubai

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The Fame of Dubai As A Cruise Destination

Tourism in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has taken an unassailable lead worldwide. Nothing seems to be able to stop them. Now, Dubai Tourism has decided to take the game up by several notches. Dubai is all set to become the center of cruise journeys. And well, it ticks all the boxes required to reach all the goals. If you want to spend your next vacation taking a cruise from Port Mina Rashid in Dubai, you must get to know about the best ships that are on offer.

Cruise Ships from Dubai- Exemplifying Luxury

The Arabian Gulf
Who says you need to be stinking rich to go on a cruise? If you have 4000 USD to spare, you can spend the next seven nights on one of the most fabulous cruise ships in the world. The Arabian Gulf is the epitome of perfection and elegance. Don’t deny yourself this experience if you are in Dubai. After all, you may not always get the chance to be treated like a king for one whole week. This ship will take you to Cairns and then bring you back to Dubai.

A Grand Cruise Ship Sailing Into the Cruise Harbour

The Azamara Quest
The fame of the spice route has kept on increasing over the years. Mystery and charm have always surrounded this shipping route. And if you want to experience it, then the Azamara Quest is present at your service. It won’t bring you back to Dubai; instead, it will take you to Singapore at the end of the journey. So, you should make further arrangements from there.

The Azamara Quest has a wide variety of options as far as types of rooms are concerned. So, the overall budget for different passengers varies depending on their selection. In any case, you will need about 8000 USD to complete this 19-day cruise.

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