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A 101 On Dubai Cruise Terminal

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Introduction To Dubai Cruises

From October to July, the Dubai cruise season runs with over half a million tourists descending upon the quays of its ports. Presently, a tourist can embark on a cruise from six ports in the UAE. These include:

  1. Port Rashid
  2. Al Shindagha Port
  3. Al Hamriya Port
  4. Dry Dock Port
  5. Creek
  6. Jebel Ali Port

Each port offers many services to tourists such as visas to make travel easy.

The Top Cruises In Dubai

If you are looking for delicious meals, sightseeing around Dubai and gorgeous views, these are some dinner cruises you can opt for:

  • Bateaux Dubai
  • The Floating Restaurant, Jameela
  • The 5-Star Luxury Dubai Marina

Many other cruises port in Dubai. Each one is no less than a five star, which makes them extremely popular with tourists. You can relax and enjoy amenities such as:

  • Restaurants with cuisines from across the world
  • Stocked bars
  • Gyms and other healthcare facilities
  • Or you can sit back, unwind, and enjoy the panoramic vistas from the cruise.

Number Of Cruise Tourists In Dubai Keeps Increasing

The plethora of choices Dubai cruises offer to travellers, and the infrastructure of the Dubai Cruise Terminal are the top reasons why the tourist number keeps increasing. While the cruise tourism sees most travellers from countries like the UK, the USA, and Germany, Indian tourists have jumped by as much as 25% in recent years.

The over 36,000 square kilometers of terminals built especially for cruise ships guarantees seamless services to tourists from all nations. Each passenger is treated with Arabian hospitality and given exceptional care. For any travel lover, looking to tick off the middle east from their bucket list, Dubai cruises are the way to go!

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