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Dubai: The Diamond Solitaire Of Cruises

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The Attractions Of Dubai Cruises

There is a reason why Dubai remains the top attractant for cruises from around the world, especially if the destination is the Middle East. It is chock of things to explore both on and offshore. Furthermore, it offers a juxtaposition of modernity and tradition. To get in touch with history, tourists can easily visit its historical sites. To marvel at the ingenuity of man, one can discover its towering skyscrapers and human-made islands.

What To See When Cruising In Dubai

When you choose a Dubai cruise, a world of discovery comes to your fingertips. A handful of things worth exploring in the emirate are:

  • Modern shopping malls that dazzle the eye and lighten the pocket.
  • The golden, olden-days mosques that take the breath away.
  • Genius architecture that boggles the mind.
  • Sand dunes that roll endlessly.
  • Eating exotic meals on dhow (wooden Arab boats) cruises under twinkling lights and shimmering waters.

The music of the Dubai Creek, the rhythm of the belly dancers and the omnipresent buffet dinners are some reasons why winter cruises have become the go-to option for travellers spanning nations.

The Onshore Cruises of Dubai

While the enticement of offshore cruises is apparent, the onshore cruises in Dubai are no less. For example, the Dubai Creek is the ideal way to discover the culture of the land while enjoying its modern marvels. The creek is a body of water that divides the emirate into two. On the north lies the Deira and on the south lies, Bur Dubai. For a traveller in search of a traditional souk, entertainment, and lifetime experiences, it is a must.

Currently, Dubai has several companies offering both onshore and offshore cruise tours to wanderers. Choose the one that best fits you.

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