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Cruise Ships and Dubai- Symbiotic Existence

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The popularity of Dubai As A Cruise Ship Destination

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the total number of people visiting Dubai on cruise ships. Enhancement in the number of cruise liners along with further improvement in the luxuries has boosted their popularity. As per reports, in the upcoming season, the cruise traffic is set to increase by more than fifty percent. All the signs are indicative of a busy year ahead for the industry.

What has changed?
Improving the cruise traffic in Dubai implies that the tourist revenues generated in the city will increase. The current situation is a direct result of cooperative and coordinated efforts by private corporations of government bodies. The government tourism department partnered with individual shipping players to get these results. The management of Port Rashid also played a crucial role in the overall scheme of things.

The Ideal City for Cruise Journeys


Image of United Arab Emirates - Port Terminal

The economic scenario, along with numerous luxuries in Dubai, has made sure that its popularity goes from strength to strength. It must be understood that the mere presence of a port in any city will not make it a suitable cruise ship destination.

What makes it special?
Dubai was able to attain this status because it was already developed to a substantial extent. Its viability as a tourist destination is beyond question. The presence of Port Mina Rashid provided the concerned people the optimum opportunity to take things in the right direction.

The best thing about Dubai is that it welcomes tourists all around the year. Many cities experience the desired inflow of vacationers at specific times of the year, and this is where Dubai marches ahead. Tourists come to Dubai to experience the extravagant luxuries it offers. So, tourism isn’t going to be affected by changes in weather or annual events.

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