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Port Cruises In Dubai: A Glimpse

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The World With Flash To Spare

Out of the seven emirates of the UAE, think of them as seven states, the most developed in Dubai. It is also the second largest. But those are not laurels the emirate is known for by people. When people think of Dubai, the image over the top things. From a Ferrari police car to seven-star hotels, from opulent cruises to exotic food, Dubai is an oasis of luxury. It is why the rich and the popular flock to it every year.

Cruise Ports Of Dubai: Well-Deserve Their Reputation

While the public areas of Dubai still observe a conservative stance, it is, after all, a Muslim country, luxury hotels, and cruises are another world. For people who have money to burn or those looking for a break from humdrum life, Dubai is the port of embarkation. Cruise travellers working their way through the Middle East, Arabian Gulf, Arabian Peninsula, Red Sea, or Suez Canal will have Dubai as a port of call.

For some, the cruise journey begins in Dubai, and for others, it ends with it, and there are still a few who stay only overnight at the emirate. The outcome is the same; Dubai is a major part of most cruises.

The Right Time For Dubai Cruise

The season for cruises in Dubai starts with the commencement of winter and runs through till summer, i.e., October to May. Some European cruise lines that are popular in Dubai are:

  • Costa Cruises
  • MSC Cruises
  • P&O Cruises
  • AIDA Cruises
  • Royal Caribbean International
  • Celebrity Cruises

If you wish to have sunny, warm, and inviting weather for your vacation and want a glimpse of the modern and wealthy Middle East, the place to visit in Dubai. Start a cruise from the rich emirate.

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