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The Historic Birth Of Port Rashid

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A Maritime Trading Nation: The UAE

The history of the United Arab Emirates as a maritime trading country is considerable and long. With Dubai at its centre, the nation bridged the gap that existed between east and west trade. Today, UAE trades goods with almost every region. Items are imported and re-exported just as quickly to countries in Africa, Middle East, etc. Though there are a number of ports that built the UAE as an economic powerhouse, one important port is Port Rashid.

The Start Of International Trading In The UAE

The origins of international maritime trade in the UAE go back to the start of the 1900s. Dubai became a free port which allowed free movement of cargos on Dubai Creek and then to Sharjah’s Khan Creek. Merchants would anchor down offshore, unload massive shipments on barges and then store them in safe areas within Khan Creek and Dubai. From spices to silk to hardware, every good moved through the ports.

It was in 1970 when Port Rashid came into being. Till date, it is considered as one of the most significant moves in maritime history for the country. Oil revenues helped the birth of Port Rashid, which eradicated the necessity to handle, manage, and store any cargo in Dubai Creek. The one move broke the dam and made the UAE an economic force.

The Thriving Of Port Rashid And Its End

As time went on, operations at Port Rashid expanded. Sophisticated equipment and storage facility increased its throughputs, which led to more investments. In a decade and a half since its opening, Port Rashid become a regional and international transshipment hub. By the time its operations peaked, the port re-exported 70% of its shipment! It was in 2008 when the port was finally closed down for commercial transactions.

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