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Dubai is always popularly known as the “City of Merchants.” It is a member of seven emirates of United Arab Emirates. The city is located on the north shore of Arabia. It was earlier only a small time trading and fishing town. After a soaring contribution, the city is today an extensive free trade area to be called the “City Of Merchants.” Dubai is alternatively called the City Of Gold because of the number of gold shops it holds today. It was during the early fifties and sixties, Dubai became a busy trading point for the gulfs. The Dubai cruise terminal is located at Port Rashid. It is considered one of the most luxurious ports to dock at. Nearly five lakh people dock in this grand port Rashid. It is also called as Mina Rashid. It is a human made commercial port in the United Arab Emirates. It is named after Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum. The port was open for services in nineteen seventy-two The port is located in the city center. The excellent infrastructure of the ports and Dubai’s thriving business community made Port Rashid an instant success. It was in nineteen seventy-six that the then sheik Rashid decided to move forward with the ambitious project of constructing the world’s most giant man-made port. In the beginning, the port had just two cranes, and it slowly expanded to nine cranes with a large capacity of fifteen lakhs TEU ’s. The ports cruise ship schedules boasts vessels with voyages visiting Muscat, Bahrain, Abudhabi, Fujairah, Far East and India. Dubai, the only cruise terminal having ships that are operated by the United Arab Emirates government. This ideally means added attention for the passengers is provided. It also offers travel experiences enhanced including certified expert tour guides with system that is swift. Port Rashid is supported by excellent transport such as metro rail, air, and road infrastructures. Google maps provide accurate information on port Rashid when searched. And it would cost about 50-60 Dubai currency to reach the port from Dubai airport in twenty-five minutes. Port Rashid’s new terminal is efficient in handling customs with streamlined immigration and other procedures coordinated by the foreign affairs.

The efficiency of the terminals is so good that it has carried out nearly six lakh seven thousand and odd transaction during the first nine months of two thousand and seventeen. This was due to the smart innovations at the port. The electronic clearances accounted for nearly seventy-two percent of the total transactions. The Dubai customs have worked hard to sustain the growth by providing innovative products to the clients with the help of new devices.

The new devices assist customers in completing the customs transaction in no time.

The clients no longer need to wait in line to get the custom cards. The process has become way simpler now as the government has deployed automated self-service device to issue the card. The new facility is gaining immense popularity that many of them are opting for the automated platforms to complete the transaction knowing of their ease in operations.

The new system is highly user-friendly which has led to the issue of seven lakh sixty-nine thousand customs card for means of transport and machinery in the year two thousand and fifteen. Which means an average of three thousand and two hundred cards per day. The new device has led to saving nearly seven thousand seven hundred and sixty odd minutes a day, and an average of thousand customers visit to the center. This new device has led to the productive use of the human resource in the port. The process of innovations is continuously happening to ease the procedures of customs further and better, which has motivated the creative ideas in Dubai port Rashid’s customs.

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