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The Growth Of Cruise Tourism In Dubai

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Cruise Tourism: A Look-Back

In 1998, just about ten thousand cruise tourists rolled into Dubai. By 2014, the number had increased to 500,000. As the 2018 winter cruise started, the digits went over 700,000. Each year the number of vessels that sail in, out and around UAE waters rise. The reason for the growth of cruise tourism in the nation is manifold. The biggest is the unique services the tourism authority offer to the public and the cruise lines along with the marketing strategies.

The Services Offered By UAE Cruise Tourism

Dubai is home to 6 seaports:

  • the Creek
  • Port Rashid
  • Jebel Ali Port
  • Al Hamriya Port
  • Al Shindagha Port
  • The Dry Dock Port

The tourism authority caters different services to each of these ports. Some of which are:

  • Issuing visas to tourists
  • Registration of ships
  • Registration of sailors

It is these services that make Dubai the port of call for many cruise lines. Add to it that Dubai Airport has flights flying from all over the world, it becomes an even popular destination. When tourists embark on a cruise, they fly directly from their home nation to Dubai and return via the same route. Stats show that 75% of cruise tourists end their journey by flying home via Dubai airport. This ease has made Dubai seaports the preferred place to port.

Furthering The Ease For Cruise Passengers

The last reason Dubai cruise tourism has boomed is the speed of its procedures. The authorities check documents and names of tourists even before a cruise ship arrives. This ensures comfortable passage for onboard tourists and takes away the need to stop the ship and process it inside the port.

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